Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You see, there really shouldn't be a cap on the number of library books you can check out...

...because sometimes you will find out that your library has a facsimile of a Catalan version of a Tuscan bestiary and you will just need it.

* * *

Update: it turns out we have a LOT of Catalan MSS, not just facsimiles but actual MSS, in the Bancroft. And a lot of them are scanned. JOY.


Linda said...

There's one clerk at my local branch of the public library that seems especially worried about the number of books I have out. "Did you bring some back? Because you're close to the limit!" he says anxiously. I am always a bit miffed that hitting the limit involves no prize, no words of congratulation, but rather nervous scolding.

skg said...

Oh, very nice!

Meanwhile, how is it that I was able to carry away a Routledge overview of Mongolic languages and the standard (hardcore linguistic) introduction to Turkic languages today? Why were these not checked out to someone else already? Why do I bother asking rhetorical questions?

Natalia said...

Hey, I congratulate you, Linda. I have to admit that since hearing of the new cap, I've been thinking about which books I could get out of Berkeley Public instead. And do Stanford books count? ILL? I do not know.Sharon, somebody should definitely have those out. When I checked out a Catalan grammar my first year of grad school, I admit...someone recalled it from me.

You know what I couldn't believe was right on the shelf at one point? The Dickinson variorum. All three volumes. I definitely checked those puppies out.

But then they got recalled.

Natalia said...

Also, Linda, what I don't think I've told you is that the UCB library cap is a new thing, and I got a special email informing me that I was one of only 35 grad students who had over 200 books checked out, and needed to get some books back in posthaste. I was really pretty surprised that there were only 35 of us. Surprised, and then sad that I had to return those books.