Friday, May 29, 2009

Joseph Marshall Flint to Florence Sabin, two of Gertrude Stein's classmates at the Johns Hopkins Medical School, on The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas:
My dear Dr. Sabin, have you seen the enclosed? What is it? Perhaps evidence that, after all, G.S. does react to the subconscious! [...] Curious person. She has contributed much to the bunk of the postwar decades, but this autobiography is well written. Critics say, 'only posterity can explain her.' I rather fancy, as in the case of Joyce, posterity will never take the trouble. (1933)

qtd. in Lynn M. Morgan. "The Embryography of Alice B. Toklas." Comparative Studies in Society and History 50.1 (2008): 304-25. Cambridge Journals. 26 May 2009. Web.

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