Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today in hilarious non sequiturs

The sign reads, "Got the flu? Take necessary steps to prevent it!"

Thanks for that helpful tip, Temescal Walgreens. I think I'll buy twelve bottles of Clorox to wantonly spray everywhere. Doubtless this will help prevent the flu that I already have.


Chad said...

I wonder if there's anything similar in the "family planning" aisle...

Natalia said...

I did not check -- in any case, if you think that Walgreens has a whole aisle devoted to family planning, then you have a very rosy view of the progress of feminism in this country.

I did, however, note one week that they had a Walgreens brand pregnancy test sitting among the other impulse buys near the cash register -- chewing gum, nasal spray, and whatnot -- with a sign advertising it as a "top seller."

Well in that case, I thought, one might really be tempted to stock up.