Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sigh. Away from the internets for a day and I find that my recent response to Roland was construed exactly backwards by a writer for Eyresses.

Alas, writing is an instance of partible personhood, and folks will construe it as they will. I suppose I could ask that the poster re-read, but it would be hypocritical, I think, to contest her creative reappropriation of my words!

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Anonymous said...

Since you never even bothered to read Eyresses before throwing it into your overly precious critique ("Sigh."), calling for us to reread you is... actually probably par for the course.

In fact, it's fairly obvious you didn't even read the "All About Eyresses" on the Tumblr, because then you would know it's a print publication. The Tumblr is just a jokey ancillary. But hey, construe it as you will.

Also fascinating: Your seeming knowledge of our genders. SIGH.