Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barbara Fister's response to the aforementioned AAUP report is just excellent. A snippet:
This new AAUP report wisely urges presses to take open access seriously and develop alliances that can help them move from a business model based on selling printed books into something more sustainable. It's a sign that the AAUP is genuinely interested in engaging all of us in dialog that the report carries a Creative Commons license and is open for comment in the Mediacommons platform. However, it starts with some fundamental and arguably false assumptions. The very first editorial urge I had when I started to read Sustaining Scholarly Publishing: New Business Models for University Presses was to strike the word "business" from the subtitle. What scholarly communication really needs is a sustainable not-a-business model. We need to support scholarly publishing as part of the basic research that the world needs, as an investment in the future.

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