Friday, June 26, 2009

Cathy Davidson on new tools to save scholarly publishing in a digital era. This is smart.
"Open access" doesn't matter if there is no one who wants to "access" what is "open." In other words, our demand for information that is free has to be accompanied by a responsibility to teach/support/develop a readership vitally interested in that information. If learning and curiosity are impoverished, who cares if our archives are lock-box or open? Why poor millions and millions into digital projects if there is no public excited to take advantage of such archives? Technology and information cannot be divorced from learning and the imperative to teach far and wide, beyond a handful of specialized scholars. We need "Citizen Scholars." And we need "Citizen Educators" for the new information technologies or why bother?
Look for the fun surprise at the end!


*A Stanford study suggests that writing on the web makes you a better writer. Writing more makes you better at writing -- who knew? (Chronicle)

*Pedagogical applications of Twitter (Washington Post)

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