Thursday, June 11, 2009

Academic publishing

There are two interesting articles on academic publishing in the current Chronicle, the first a roundtable with several UP editors on "The Future of Scholarly Publishing," the second Ellen Bauerle's "Women as Authors: Get Aggressive."

The roundtable is enlightening in some ways, not enlightening in others. The editors' remarks, unsurprisingly, very much reflect their presses' lists. For example, Lindsay Waters thinks that the Frankfurt School holds a lot of promise. Surprise.

Bauerle's article pointed out subtle gendered behaviors that could materially affect women's careers; for instance, she says that women are less likely to approach a press with an incomplete manuscript. While a more complete manuscript might lead to more productive peer review feedback, the delay in securing a book contract might lead to delays in promotion and raises.

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Funny search string of the day: "ezra pound feminist"

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