Sunday, July 6, 2008

All the cultural capital money can buy

Here's another instance of the commodification of the idea of science, here embodied in the "genius" figure of Albert Einstein:

The t-shirt reads "GENIUS OF LOVE." Um. Okay.

Here's another funny item for sale, spotted at one of the many yuppie stores that have invaded Elmwood in recent years (I suppose I should say super-yuppie, since Elmwood wasn't exactly gritty when I moved here).

Seen in the photo below: posh white-painted, fake wooden books to, er, leave lying around on your floor?

Whatever, fools. I have the real deal.


cronquist said...

So should we call this stuff "intellientsia kitsch," or what? Nah, that's not as snappy as I was hoping.

cronquist said...

Sorry, "intelligentsia kitsch," with the "g." (The "g" on my keyboard has become reluctant recently, so I find myself writin a lot of g-less thins.)

Natalia said...

I think "kitsch" would do, really.