Monday, May 19, 2014

I don't want to say sappy things ... um.. ever.

Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:03
guess what?
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:18
i still have more to write for my diss
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:24
the acknowledgment
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:25
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:33
and i am terrified at the genre
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:42
having read several in other dissertations
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:39:47
they are horrifying
nacecire: 15:40:37
well, the first person you are going to want to thank is obviously marjorie perloff
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:40:49
they remind me of those dreadful wedding vows that people write themselves "I'll always be your pooky; I vow to save you a bite of every chocolate chip cookie I eat and to snuggle you under the blanket." Retch.
nacecire: 15:41:37
what REALLY annoys me is when people thank their therapist/yoga instructor/pet.
Hillary Gravendyk: 15:41:41
i mean, i totally have people to thank, and I want to, but I don't want to say sappy things ... um.. ever.


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Will: that is, in fact, very funny.