Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well, that was terrifying.

Last night the hummingbird that has unwisely nested right outside the kitchen door flew into the kitchen, with its wings frenetically buzzing, as hummingbird wings do. It kept jousting at the ceiling light and flying at windows and generally panicking, but failing to panic its way out a window. Twice it nearly gave me a heart attack by suddenly ceasing all movement, making me think it had managed to kill itself. Among the many notions I do not relish is that of a dead hummingbird in the kitchen. I finally got it outside by herding it with a broom until this tiny bird with its tiny, tiny bird brain decided to just perch on the broom, at which point I was able to actually carry it outside. And then I shut the windows.

Not cool, hummingbird.

The hummingbird where it belongs, in its stupidly placed nest in the loquat tree outside.


Gladys said...

wow, this story really resonated with me. one summer when i was still living in berkeley, a small bird (not as small as a hummingbird) flew into my apartment through a hole in the screen, and I. FREAKED. OUT. i have a mild phobia of holding onto little animals with my bare hands, so i tried to shoo it away with something (don't remember what), but it was swooping so close to my head in panic that i couldn't take it and ran into the bedroom and shut the door. i called my apartment manager (nice man) to take care of it, and he came up with a plastic grocery bag and caught the bird in midair. he then left the apartment and set it free. i thought it was brilliant, and something i would never have thought of given my own panic at the time.

Natalia said...

Frankly, I feel that this animal is a bad neighbor.

Gladys said...

i guess its proximity means you can't leave your windows open this summer? :-/

Natalia said...

Well, maybe just not at night? I think it was confused by the light in the kitchen.