Saturday, January 12, 2008


I recently finished Robin McKinley's Beauty. I don't have time for a full review, but I just want to observe that making Beauty turn out to be hot at the end was such a cop-out.


captain birthday said...

Hey Natalia,
I'm not sure whether Beauty is YA fiction (I haven't heard of it before), but I wanted to alert you that the writers at have started doing a feature where they return to the fiction of their youth and write reviews/reactions.
It's a pretty great feature (and Jezebel is an awesome website anyway). You should totally contribute.

Natalia said...

Michelle, Beauty is indeed YA. I will definitely have to check out Jezebel's reviews, although I have mixed feelings about the site in general.

captain birthday said...

Yes, some Jezebel stuff can be hit or miss. But I love the writing by their editors, Moe and Anna (Moe in particular is a really interesting feminist, among other things) and I love, love their "Crappy Hour" feature, where Moe and Megan just have a conversation, usually about politics. Also, "Crap Email from a dude" is often hilarious (one time they published a letter that was obviously from a U of C dude where he was berating a girl about the weather). I hate "Snap Judgment," though. It's just clever paparazzi-ing.

I think if Twisty ever decided to stop being impossibly purist (I hope she never, ever stops being impossibly purist), she might be Jezebel.