Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New office!

I actually moved into this office weeks ago, but I just had a chance to snap some photos this morning. It's really lovely to have an office in this building, after seven years in the department. I have three officemates who have yet to show up to actually use the space, so in practice I have a huge office all to myself, at least for now.

It's crying out for a philodendron, isn't it?

I snagged the rickety wooden chair for my personal use. All the other chairs were those awful office chairs for giants, with armrests. One of the casters falls off the wooden chair sometimes, but it's still more comfortable to me than the padded monstrosities.

My desk is already cluttered in the way that I like--with pens, lists of call numbers, scratch paper covered with notes, marked-up drafts. I know where everything is.

Like all the fourth floor offices, this one has a balcony. Here's the view:

Yes, that's the Financial District of San Francisco back there, with requisite Bay haze:

Marin is also visible:

And here's the Eucalyptus Grove, which is blocking any view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

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