Saturday, October 3, 2009

The UC Index

Data and graphs compiled by environmental engineers at UCD:

Percentage change in number of UC senior managers, 1997-2007: +118.
Percentage change in number of UC faculty: +24.
Percentage change in UC student enrollment, 1997-2007: +39.
Percentage change in UC undergraduate education fee: +103.
Percentage change in 2009-10 UC budget due to decrease in state support: -3.
Percentage change in proposed student fees in Spring 2010: +30.
Ratio of UC faculty/senior management in 1993: 2.5.
Ratio of UC faculty/senior management in 2009: 1.
Estimated annual added cost of the excess UC senior managers: $791,981,440.
Number of California resident UC students whose educational fee could be supported by that sum: 126,000.
Ratio of student fee revenue/General Fund revenue in 1997: 0.28.
Ratio in 2008: 0.53.
Ratio in 2008 if the cost of excess management were removed: 0.29.
Cost of increased UC senior management compensation in 2009: $9 million.
President Yudof's view of UC's budget problems: "There are always crises...[but] it will all work out."
Yudof's 2008-9 compensation: $828,000.
Chancellor Katehi's salary: $400,000.
President Obama's salary: $400,000.
Yudof's response to a question about faculty furloughs: "[B]eing president of the University of California is like being manager of a cemetery: there are many people under you, but no one is listening."

University of California Statistical Summary of Students and Staff, Fall 2007

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