Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I recently learned that the University of Chicago has bought the Chicago Theological Seminary's beautiful building at 58th and University. It looks like the building will be used for the new Milton Friedman Institute.

Naturally, I found this out at the Seminary Co-op web site, and my first question was what would happen to the Co-op.

There are no plans to evict the Co-op for now. I just wonder how they will feel about their home changing from a house of God into a TEMPLE OF MAMMON.


Anonymous said...

Temple of Mammon? You know, because economic freedom is what's wrong with the world.

Natalia said...

Ah, Michael, you hilarious goofball, you.

Neil Verma said...

You think that's bad, check out this:



Natalia said...

Hah! Neil, that was the original thing I was linking. Hence the plural embarrassments. Next time the alumni association asks me for money I'm just going to forward them that link.

Neil Verma said...

I was petrified that I'd see one of my students quoted in the story! Thankfully, no. I may not teach them much about literature, but I will settle for sense of shame.
Best, nv