Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apocalyptic narratives about narrative

NYT: MIT's Media Lab Will Study Film Narrative in Center for Future Storytelling.

In a telephone interview last week, Mr. Kirkpatrick said he might take a cue from Al Gore, who used a documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” to heighten concern about global warming. Mr. Kirkpatrick is now considering an alarm-bell documentary of his own, he said.

Its tentative title: “A World Without Story.”

As Arcadia put it when she emailed me the link, "NYT or Onion?"


Beni said...

Can you imagine lying awake at night haunted by fears of the end of narrative? I am going to try this tonight and see what happens, if I can stop myself from giggling.

Natalia said...

I... I really can't.

You have to figure that either MIT is getting some awe-inspiring funding for this gig or the article radically misrepresents the project.