Friday, October 5, 2007

Ph.D. comics

Piled Higher and Deeper appears to be the grad-student-centric web comic of choice. Unfortunately, PHD is all about engineers. The recent addition of a humanities grad student (Gerard, the medieval Scandinavian philosophy student) only drives home that the author of the comic knows almost nothing about the humanities, and considers disciplines legitimate only insofar as they are quantitative.

On the other hand, there is Dinosaur Comics, which is pure brilliance.


michelle said...

I LOVE everything about Dinosaur Comics. My other favorite is Cat and Girl ( Also smart and hilarious (though a bit more snarky than DC, which is tone-perfect).

Natalia said...

I linked the Laura Mulvey dinosaur comic from my course web site, I kid you not. Because it's perfect!

I've only read Cat and Girl a few times; somehow it keeps falling off my radar. I should get on that.

...Wait a minute, no I shouldn't! I should get on with dissertating.

michelle said...

Oh, I've TOTALLY sent dinosaur comics to my students! My favorite was linking to this one when we were talking about Derrida and how not to deal with him:

I LOVE the Laura Mulvey dinosaur comic! It's a film theory!


Oh my gosh, I could gush about Ryan North ALL DAY. I bought a t-shirt from him through his site, and, in my order, I half-jokingly complained about how the women's shirts were more expensive than the men's, and how he was way too smart to be so sexist, and in his response about manufacturer prices, he wrote, "So while it may be sexism, it's not mine! It's just - passed along?"


Anyway, if you write your dissertation on web-comics, you won't have to feel guilty about going through DC and C&G comic archives for hours on end, as, ahem, I have been wont to do...