<em>Paterson</em>, Book I, 1946

My area of specialty is nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, especially the period around 1900. I am broadly interested in questions of epistemology, gender, history of science, and poetics, and all of my current research projects deal with one or more of these themes in some capacity. I am also very much interested in media studies, childhood, feminist history, and visual culture.

During my three-year tenure as a managing editor at Arcade, I did quite a bit of thinking about new media, and continue to blog about it. Despite my reservations about the term, I sometimes answer to the disciplinary label "digital humanist." I maintain a love-hate relationship with Drupal.

Some current research projects:

Apart from my blog, some of my writing is available online.

My article "Marianne Moore's Precision" is available through Project Muse [paywall].

You can view/download one of my recent conference talks, "The Time-Sense: On Stein's Repetition" (MSA 2011, Buffalo, NY), here.

My article "Sentimental Spaces: On Mei-mei Berssenbrugge's Nest," is available at Jacket2.